Monday, April 19, 2010

This blew my mind!

The new Art & Soul webisode just came out and y'all this blew my mind. They demonstrate a new technique called Puddle Pads. Oh My Word! Too cool. I already ordered a slew of re-inkers and you know I have enough baby wipes. hee hee. I can't wait to play with this new technique. I know the results are going to ROCK.

Click here to link to the webisode. Be prepared to be amazed.

Pretty stinkin' awesome, huh? Email me at or give me a call at 210.264.4025 to place an order for your re-inkers, so you can start making your own puddle pads.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Laugh and Win

I love Jeanette Lynton, CTMH's founder and CEO, for lots of reasons. One of those reasons is her sense of humor and encouraging nature. If you'd like to have a few laugh out loud moments today, pop over to her blog and read today's post and the replies. I've even posted one of my stories. hee hee.

Then if you are brave enough, you can post your own embarrassing story and be entered to win product from the as of yet not released Summer product line. Yippee!!! C'mon be brave. I double dog dare ya.

Happy reading! Just don't drink your coffee and read at the same time. It gets messy when you laugh it out your nose.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

CTMH Summer 2010 Catalog Preview

Isn't it just too cute? I am so excited I can hardly stand it. I can't wait for us all to get to play with this delicious new paper collection called Cherry O.

And that's not all. Oh no Ma'am. There are three other equally as wonderful new paper collections debuting. And a ton of great new stamps. And new products like clear cards. Yes, you heard me right. Clear cards. Those will be a blast to create with. So many new fun things to try out. Yippee!!

But I can't tell you anymore. Sorry.

If I did, I'd have to kill you.

Just kidding.

But seriously, I would.

But I can tell you the new catalog is going to be released May 1st. So consider hosting a party in May, since everyone will want to snatch up all kinds of new things, you would reap tons of hostess reward points which turns into FREE product. Woohoo!

And if you just can't wait until you see me later in the month, shoot me an email at or give me a shout at 210.264.4025 and I'll pop a catalog in the mail for ya. 'Cuz I cool like that.

Love ya and happy crafting!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

A week!?! Really!?! How'd that happen?

Man, it's been over a week since I've posted. A whole week. How'd that happen?

I'll tell ya. Easter. And baseball. Baseball has FINALLY started. I always feels like it takes forever to get to opening day. But it FINALLY got here and it was fantastic. The Red Sox beat the New York Yankees. Or as Lelia calls them, "The Monkey Butts". I love a Red Sox game, but I LOVE a Red Sox game where the beat the Yankees. Pure happiness.

Anyway, I've been soaking up all the fun, while getting ready for some classes and workshops. And I've been planning a crop for next month for National Scrapbooking Month. And getting ready for the launch of the Summer Idea book. I can't wait for y'all to see the super cute Cheery O collections and the pretty Splendor. And new clear cards. Crazy cool. We are going to have so much fun playing this summer. Anyway, I promise to post something crafty soon.

Have a wonderful day.