Monday, May 17, 2010

Carstock Storage Situation

Please help me. I have a cardstock storage situation. It's been upgraded from a dilemma to a situation. Please help me before it grows into a problem.

I need a new way to store my loose leaf cardstock. I've outgrown my previous system. So help a fellow crafty girl out and leave a comment, letting me know what system is working for you.

Thanks. Y'all are the best.


  1. There is a storage thing for paper that they sell at Hobby Lobby that isn't too bad $$ wise if you use a coupon. It is wire shelves and sides. Don't know the name sorry.

    I use creative memories folders and label it with the color and put the folder in a basket.

    Good luck! Most of the great systems I have seen online are big $$

  2. I use Cropper Hopper (which may be what Linda is thinking about). I LOVE it! If I remember, I'll take a pic this evening & e-mail it to you after Zach's band concert. I have it all sorted by color and that makes it nice. Plus, you can get "dividers" to label each color. :D

  3. I started out using the Cropper Hopper Class Totes that are huge hanging file bins with handles. But, to take cardstock with me more easily I now use 5 Art Bin Satchels to store a sampler of my Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Basic cardstocks. I keep about 10 sheets or so of each of my most used cardstock colors in those, both for my personal use at crops or to sell by the sheet, when I have a customer who just needs a sheet or two of something.

    Hope you find the right solution for your "sitiuation."

    Very pretty blog!