Monday, August 9, 2010

I've moved.

Yep, we've moved. Away from the sweltering heat of Texas and home to gorgeous California. I am such a lucky girl. I'm ten minutes from the beach and we haven't gotten above 75 degrees since I've gotten here. Ahhh!!

We barely survived the trip across the desert. The Penske truck was a brute to drive. And 18 month old twins strapped down in carseats for three days. Need I say more? Currently, we are living in a sea of cardboard boxes.

My standard answers to "Have you seen...?" is "Sure, in Texas." "Where is ...?" "Um, in a box."

Of course, after unpacking the coffee pot and toilet paper, I began unpacking all my craft stuff. A girl's got to have her priorities straight. Who needs pots or pans? Then you have to cook. Moving is a great excuse for take-out.

"But wait," you say, "How will I still get all my cool Close to my Heart goodies?" Well, never fear. I've got you covered. Simply go to and you can place an order anytime and have it delivered straight to your front door. Cool beans, huh? Or if you'd like to have a party to earn our fabulous hostess rewards, we can do an online party. They are super cool and easy. Just drop me a line at

Well, I guess I can't put off the unpacking anymore today, but I did want to let you know my news and share this card I made to mail out to people with out new address on the back. I've been dying to use this fun Stamp of the Month from last year. I'm hoping to get these cards listed on my etsy site later this week, so if you know anyone who is about to move, they can purchase a pack of this cutie at

Have a fantabulous day!!

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  1. Send me a message on FB with your new address please so glad you are moved. Thought you were going up north though??