Monday, August 30, 2010

CTMH in Scrapbooks etc Oct. issue

After the boys went to bed, I brewed myself a cup of hot tea and curled up on the couch with the October issue of Scrapbooks etc that I had just gotten in the mail. I was so excited for some quiet time to peruse it's pages for the latest news and great ideas.

Here is a few things that jumped out at me:

On page 51, they show a layout using the paper ruffles/frills technique that was featured in the latest webisode of Art & Soul. It is cool to see that CTMH is teaching the current trends.

On pages 74 through 82, they discuss and show examples of great ways to use photo sleeve pages for scrapping pages and extra photos. Super cool ideas that I was really excited about because not only does it answer the question of what to do with all the extra great photos that you didn't use on a page but also because it ties into a new product that is being introduced in the new Idea Book. We already sell these and these. But now we will also be offering 12 x 12 Six Vertical Pocket pages. Since they won't be available until after the first, I can't link to them. But their number is Z1324 and they are on page 87.

But say you didn't want to just slid in those extra pictures, but you wanted to actually scrap them. Well, I've some great news for you you. Now you can with our new 12" assortment of Flip Flaps (Z1325 also on page 87). You get 8 protectors: 4 - 6 x 12, 2 - 4 x 12, and 2 - 8 x 12. I learned how to use them at convention and I'll have a blog post in September featuring how they work, but in a word AWESOME!!

Back to Scrapbooks etc. On page 98, they feature CTMH's Memory Keeper Box. They have a nice little write up about how great it is and different uses for it and how to decorate it and some pretty pictures. YEAH!

It's funny. Whenever I spy these kinds of things, I feel like when you see a friend in the paper. I want to point and say, "Hey, you're famous."

So if you want to check out for yourself how famous CTMH is, pick up the latest copy of Scrapbook etc and you can point too.

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