Thursday, October 3, 2013

Want to win a Free Crush book?

Jeanette Lyton, the founder of CTMH, is awesome and she has a really cool blog.  I always look forward to see what she posts.  One really great thing she does on a regular basis is giveaways.  Woohoo.  Everyone loves to win free stuff.  And for the month of October she is doing a way cool giveaway.  Here is Monica from Corporate Office to tell you all about it.

Click here to go to Jeanette's blog to enter to win.  And check out everyone's comments about how they'd use their Crush book.  I recently realized that while I do a lot of scrapbooking, it all revolves around my children.  I have never done so much as a page about me.  Most of the time, I'm not even in the picitures because I'm the one taking them.  I chronicle my children's favorite things to eat and do and major life events, but not my own. In August, right before I turned 39, I had this idea that the more I thought about, the more I loved it.  I got my own Crush book and decorated the front to say "Jenna at 39".

On my birthday (the 29th), I wrote down my responses to 10 questions about me in my Crush book.  Then on the 29th of every month since, I answer the same 10 questions.  I have also included what my goals for the next year are, what I am grateful for and what I am most proud of accomplishing.  I've put encouraging sayings in it and talk about things that happen in my life from my perspective.  It is where I celebrate all of who I am:  a daughter, a wife, a mom, a business owner, a crafter and a woman.  I have enjoyed the process a lot and even though I'm only a few months into the year, it already brings me pleasure to look back and remember my journey.

If you'd like to start you own and don't want to wait until the end of the month to see if you win, click here to order yours and have it sent directly to your house.  There are two different books to pick from and four different assortments to journal on and add details.

Happy Crafting!


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