Monday, August 8, 2011

Masculine card using Lucky

I've often heard people say that they have a really hard time making masculine cards for the men in their life. I can relate. So many stamps and paper collections are gorgeous with floral patterns or too cutely themed for children. I also struggle with finding the right "manly" embellishments. But with so many men in my family and being the mother of sons, I decided I had to get over it. So I was so excited when CTMH released their "Lucky" collection. (P.S. I've tried every which way and just can't get these two pics to line up.)

I would have never put Olive, Orange and Navy together on my own, but I LOVE the combo. I think Lucky is a perfect collection for males of all agaes. And with a few metal embellishments, I was able to create this card which felt masculine enought to me to get me to mail it off without cringing.

So what about you? What do you struggle with? Have any masculine cards you'd like to share?

Happy Crafting!

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