Monday, July 15, 2013

Ways Moms Excel

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  Mine was busy, busy, busy.  But nice.  Doesn't it seem like we are all always so busy?

I wasn't sure I was going to get any crafting time in but as I sat down to watch the game with the Hubs, I decided I'd do something Moms excel at - multitask.  So I grabbed my laptop, snuggled down on the couch, and pulled up Studio J. In between yelling at umps and cheering my boys on, I created these two pages. 

If you have never played with digital scrapbooking, it is amazingly easy, fun and QUICK.  I was nervous the first time, but the site is so easy to navigate.  Studio J is different from other digital scrapbooking because there is no software to order or download.  You simply go to the Studio J website, follow the directions to create your pages, and then CTMH prints them and mails them to you.  There are dozens of kits and layouts to choose from and they even have 10 layouts in the Express Collection which has everything already laid out for you.  All you have to do is drop in your photos, write your title and journaling and then, ta da, your page is down in minutes.

Instead of having to purchase every paper pack and every font and embellishment that you fancy, everything is available to play with on Studio J.  You can experiment with a different kits with a click of a button.  You only pay for the pages you purchase which comes out to about $3.50 per page.  Amazing, right?  And in addition to your printed pages, you also receive JPG files of your layout. 

One of my favorite parts of Studio J is the ability to print the same page multiple times with a clink of the button.  With three kids who each has their own albums, I have often wanted the same page for each album.  But instead of having to physically create the same page three time which would get tedious, I can create the page once and print three times.  That is what I call efficient.  Which is another one of those things that busy Mom excel at - being efficient.  

So despite your busy schedule, take a few minutes to click here and explore Studio J.  You will be so glad you did.  Trust me.  I'm a Mom.  And according to my kids, I know everything.  ; )

Happy Crafting!

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